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This is a new incarnation of the Bateman/Zock List of NLG Systems – this time represented in a wiki based on the Semantic MediaWiki and BibWiki extensions to the wide-spread MediaWiki software.

Anybody can add or edit information here. Simply log in. Registration is quick and easy; please use your real name. The link you want is in the upper right corner.

System lists, diagrams and other automatically generated views

System overviews


Internal (Semantic) MediaWiki views of the data

How to enter data into this wiki

Please e-mail Christian Pietsch for a login (sorry, the wiki spam became too much). After logging in, you may click the edit tab on any page, or create a new page by entering its URL into your web browser, e.g.: Each NLG system page is generated from a template which is documented at Template:System. In the near future, we will integrate the Semantic Forms extension to make adding and modifying data even more easy.

How to export data from this wiki

Snapshots of the bibliographies are available as BibTeX files:

  • new.bib is a fresh bibliography used for new entries in this wiki
  • batemanzock.bib contains those entries from the original Bateman/Zock bibliographic database which were linked to system descriptions (last update 25 Sep 2009, with minor corrections)
  • 00.bib is original Bateman/Zock bibliographic database (last update 25 Sep 2009, with minor corrections)

How you can help

  • Watch out for mistakes and inconsistencies, and fix them, or contact Christian Pietsch.
  • Add bibliographic references to the systems listed in Category:Orphan.
  • Add details to incomplete entries such as those listed in Category:Stub.
  • Add NLG systems you know about, and please also add references to the bibliography.
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