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MTM stands for Meaning-Text Model, a linguistic framework proposed by Igor Mel'čuk, also known as Meaning-Text Theory (MTT).

For more information, see e.g.

This wiki believes that the following NLG systems are based on the MTM framework:

System Worker Started Ended Description
FoG Bourbeau
24478931990 24486231992 FoG (Forecast Generator) provides bilingual generation of operational weather forecast reports.
Fournier Fournier 24482581991 24482581991 A meaning-text text generator
LFS Iordanskaja 24486231992 24486231992 generates summaries of statistical data in the domain of labour market
RealPro Lavoie
24504501997 24504501997 a syntactic realisation system based on meaning-text theory
SenGarden Lareau 24522762002 24522762002 A generator of paraphrases based on Igor Mel'cuk's Meaning-Text Theory
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