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  • System Name: PAROLE
  • Short Description: generates addressee-oriented spatial descriptions
  • System Builders: Ebert, Jansche, Klabunde, Porzel[1][2]
  • Development Period: 1996–1996
  • Languages: German
  • Domain: spatial descriptions


(partner-oriented linguistic explicating): The system generates spatial descriptions. It is an example for cognitive modeling, because the choice which point of view the system should take to determine spatial directions is based on several empirical studies on addressee-orientation in speaking. Furthermore, the system generates certain hypotheses on viewpoint-taking if some features of the addressee (like his/her position within the spatial environment, his cognitive competence etc.) are known.


  1. Ebert, C., Glatz, D., Jansche, M., Meyer-Klabunde, R., & Porzel, R. (1996). From Conceptualization to Formulation in Generating Spatial Descriptions. Paper presented at Proceedings of the First European Workshop on Cognitive Modeling, TU Berlin. Bib
  2. Porzel, R., Jansche, M., & Klabunde, R. 2002. The Generation of Spatial Descriptions from a Cognitive Point of View. Bib
Facts about PAROLERDF feed
Descriptiongenerates addressee-oriented spatial descriptions  +
Domainspatial descriptions  +
Ended1996  +
LanguageGerman  +
Started1996  +
WorkerEbert  +, Jansche  +, Klabunde  +, and Porzel  +
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