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This wiki knows 388 NLG systems, summarized below.

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System Dev. started Dev. ended Languages Domain Description
AGILE 24511801999 24519112001 Bulgarian
generates instructions in the domain of Computer-Aided Design
ALFRESCO 24478931990 24482581991 Italian multimedia NL based information access
ANA 24453361983 24453361983 English stock market generation of stock market reports
ANTLIMA-1 24486231992 24486231992 German scene description generating scene descriptions
ARIANNA 24500841996 24511801999 Italian dynamic hypermedia
Abella 24511801999 24511801999 English scene descriptions Spatial language generation
Accord 24475281989 24478931990 English Natural language and graphic interface
Advisor 24486231992 24486231992 English arguments Generation of arguments
AlethGen/La Redoute 24489891993 24497191995 French business letters generation of one-page reply letters
Amalgam 24519112001 German
technical manuals Amalgam is a sentence realization component based on data-driven, machine learning techniques. Amalgam accepts as input a logical form graph.
Anthem 24493541994 24500841996 English
medical diagnoses
Generation of medical diagnoses
Artequakt 24522762002 English biographies Automatic generation of narrative biographies of artists
Astrogen 24500841996 24511801999 English telecom Generation from formal specifications and STEP/EXPRESS specifications.
Atlastxt 24537372006 24548332009 English geodata Making geo-referenced data available via natural language generation
Autotext 24511801999 24511801999 English
weather Weather forecast report generator
BABEL 24424141975 24424141975 English paraphrase generation & lexical choice
BERTRAND 24464321986 24464321986 English generation of definite descriptions
BLAH 24442401980 24442401980 English income tax generation of explanations concerning income taxes
BabyTalk 24541022007 English medical BabyTalk is developing computerised tools to summarise and interpret data in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
BoyerLapalme 24460671985 24460671985 French generation of paraphrases
CAT-2 24478931990 24497191995 EU formalism used for MT, includes analysis and generation capabilities fro the Eurotra Intermediate Structures.
CDM 24493541994 24493541994 English explanation generation of explanatory dialogues
CENTRIFUSER 24515452000 English summaries A multidocument summarization system
CHARON 24475281989 24486231992 French
grammar development (allegedly including generation) for LFG
CLE 24486231992 24486231992 English
Core Language Engineering: mostly analysis oriented with some generation work
CLIME 24508151998 24519112001 English
documentation Automated responses to queries, posed in natural language, of any prescriptive semi-formal documentation
CLINT 24511801999 24515452000 English hybrid template/word-based generator
COMET 24478931990 24478931990 English explanation generation of explanations (multimodal output)
COMIC 24530062004 24530062004 English interior design COnversational Multimodal Interaction with Computers
COMMENTATOR 24453361983 24457011984 Swedish scene description generation of scene descriptions
COMMUNAL 24471621988 24486231992 English generation with systemic functional grammar
COMRIS 24511801999 24511801999 English appointments meeting assistant
CONPAS 24497191995 24515452000 Dutch prosody generation Content-to-Prosodically Adequate Speech
COOK 24478931990 24486231992 English stock market use of collocation for generating stock market reports
CORECT 24493541994 24508151998 English electronics Generate documents for requirements definition in the design of electronic test equipment
Caption Generation System 24497191995 24508151998 English figure captions generates captions to complex automatically produced graphical presentations
Carroll 24442401980 24442401980 English teaching English CALL system for teaching English
Cerbah 24482581991 24486231992 French Causal explanation generation
Co-Op 24438751979 24438751979 English Cooperative answer generation
CogentHelp 24504501997 24508151998 English online help on-line help for GUIs
Color-X 24497191995 24508151998 English communication systems NLG for verification of models of information and communication systems
ConGen 24519112001 24522762002 English MT ConGen (CONnective GENerator): translation of expressions involving tense and aspect
Coral 24519112001 24526412003 English route descriptions Automatic generation of navigational route descriptions
Cosma 24504501997 24504501997 German appointments Appointment scheduling agent
Cubricon 24471621988 24471621988 English Generation in multimedia interfaces
CziferszkyWinter 24522762002 24522762002 German route descriptions Route description generation
D2S 24508151998 independent spoken dialogue System for producing spoken language from data
DEFACTO 24504501997 24511801999 English stories DEFACT (DEsign Framework for interACTive stOry systems) an interactive system for generating stories.
DIAMOD 24478931990 24493541994 German explanation KADS-based expert system explanation
DING 24489891993 24489891993 German incremental generation
DIOGENES 24467971987 24471621988 English generation for machine-translation
DISCO 24493541994 24508151998 German appointments An appointment scheduling agent using natural language
DME-HTW 24486231992 24500841996 English A demonstration of 'virtual documents', generated on demand in response to the user's selections
DORIS 24471621988 24471621988 English planning dialogues (vocal output)
DYD 24493541994 24504501997 English music generates a spoken monologue describing a selected music composition and its recording
Danlos 24460671985 24471621988 French
use of discourse grammar
Dart-bio 24493541994 24500841996 English biographies, art history, layout and text Automatic generation of pages combining textual artist bibliographies and timeline graphs concerning the Bauhaus
Daydreamer generator 24453361983 24471621988 English A recursive-descent generator for reporting stream of thought
DeRoeck 24460671985 24464321986 English generation of paraphrases
Discourser 24460671985 24482581991 English Structured discourse
Drafter-I 24497191995 24497191995 English
instructions helps technical authors write instruction documents
Drafter-II 24508151998 24515452000 English
instructions multilingual generation of instructions
Dushka 24555632011 24562942013 Russian artifical intelligence Russian artificial mind thinks with concepts
EDGE 24478931990 24478931990 English explanation plan-based generation of explanatory discourse
EES 24464321986 24478931990 English explanation generation of explanations
EFFENDI 24489891993 24500841996 German
train inquiries Efficient Formulation of Dialogue Contributions for train inquiries
ELIZA 24391271966 24391271966 English psychiatry simulation of a dialog with a psychotherapist
ELU Patr-II based MT, analysis and generation
EPICURE 24471621988 24478931990 English recipes generation of cooking recipes
ERMA 24431451977 24431451977 English psychiatry simulation of performance errors (dialog with a psychiatrist)
EXCLASS 24482581991 24489891993 English
job descriptions generation of job descriptions
Ecran 24504501997 24504501997 English movie description generates descriptions of movies, using a model of the user's interests
Edward 24486231992 24486231992 English Refering expressions in a multimedia environment
Ex-Demosthenes 24519112001 24522762002 German wine descriptions Generates spoken monologues on different vine grapes (Riesling, Pinot noir, ...) and their respective wines. Main focus is on prosody generation.
Exemplars 24508151998 24508151998 English dynamic HTML page generation on the basis of a classification hierarchy for text planning
Exerge 24530062004 24530062004 English EXpansivE Rich Generation for English
Expound 24427791976 24427791976 English formal proofs translates formal poofs into English
FERGUS 24515452000 24522762002 English independent Flexible Empiricist/Rationalist Generation Using Syntax
FIG 24486231992 24486231992 English connectionist generator
FN 24478931990 24478931990 English avoiding false implicatures
FOGS 24515452000 24515452000 German stories generates narratives with a focus background structure
FRANA 24460671985 24464321986 French stock market French version of ANA
FREGE 24464321986 24467971987 German object-oriented front-end generator
FUF 24478931990 independent
independent implementation of Functional Unification Grammar
Flaubert 24508151998 24508151998 French
multilingual generator
FoG 24478931990 24486231992 English
weather FoG (Forecast Generator) provides bilingual generation of operational weather forecast reports.
Fournier 24482581991 24482581991 French A meaning-text text generator
Fraczak,Lapalme 24500841996 24508151998 French directions Generation of subway directions
Friedman 24402231969 24402231969 English testbed for transformational grammar
GASPAR 24489891993 24489891993 DB queries Paraphrase of SQL queries
GBgen 24508151998 24508151998 English GB-based generator
GCD 24504501997 24504501997 recipes cooking definitions
GEA 24515452000 24522762002 English arguments Generator of Evaluative Arguments (GEA): GEA is a fully-implemented, complete and modular NLG system for generating user tailored evaluative arguments.
GECO 24478931990 24478931990 Bulgarian geometry production of geometrical descriptions
GENARO 24453361983 24467971987 English picture description description of pictures
GENESIS 24493541994 24493541994 English instructions multilingual spoken instructions
GENESYS 24478931990 24493541994 English the large systemic functional grammar component of the Communal system
GENIUSS 24504501997 24504501997 English generator based on universal semantic syntax
GENNY 24475281989 24475281989 English use of RST relations for producing coherent texts
GEOTEX 24464321986 24464321986 German geometry description of geometrical configurations
GEOTEX-E 24475281989 24475281989 English
geometry bilingual version of Geotex
GESTER 24475281989 24475281989 English stories story generation
GIRL 24515452000 24526412003 English Personalised basic skills summary reports Microplanning discourse-level choices for people with poor literacy
GIST-medical 24453361983 24453361983 English medical explanation of the results of a medical expert system
GIST-tax 24493541994 24500841996 English
tax forms generates instructions for filling in tax forms
GLINDA 24486231992 24486231992 English narration and intercharacter communication
GOSSIP 24471621988 24471621988 English implementation of the meaning-text theory, praphrase
GRUNDY 24438751979 24438751979 English user modelling user modelling via stereotypes
GeM 24508151998 24522762002 English layout and text multimodal generation
GeNet 24500841996 24504501997 Italian medical dynamic hypermedia generation the medical domain and tailored to the user
GenKit 24471621988 24471621988 English?
GeneSys 24467971987 24471621988 English Experimental generation
GhostWriter 24497191995 24500841996 English manuals generation assisting human technical authors in the production of aircraft manuals
GoalGetter 24500841996 24515452000 Dutch football GoalGetter generates spoken summaries of football (soccer) matches on the basis of tabular data
Green, Carberry 24493541994 24493541994 English conversational implicature, indirect answers, answers to Yes-No questions built to model the generation and interpretation of conversational implicatures
HAM-ANS 24435101978 24453361983 German (HAMburg Application-oriented Natural-language System)
HAM-RPM 24442401980 24442401980 German reservations hotel manager
HERMES 24471621988 24478931990 French processing of quantifier scoping
HIPERFLEX 24489891993 24489891993 English navigating hypertext
HIPS 24508151998 24519112001 English spatial relationships developing new interaction paradigms for navigating physical spaces
HUGG 24504501997 24508151998 Hebrew A syntactic realization component for Hebrew
HYPERBUG 24530062004 24530062004 English A hybrid NLG system for generating dialogue: 'Hybrid pragmatically embedded realization with bottom-up generation'
Hakkani, Oflazer, Cicekli 24497191995 24508151998 Turkish Experimental generation
Halogen 24515452000 24515452000 English Statistical generation from interlinguas using a packed forest intermediate representation
Harper-etal 24402231969 24402231969 English random paragraph generation
HealthDoc 24497191995 24508151998 English medical generation of medical information
Herskovitz 24416841973 24416841973 French semantic-based generation
Hoffman 24493541994 24493541994 Turkish Experimental generation
Horace 24493541994 24493541994 English physics generation of water-cycle texts as an experiment in register-based generation
Hylite+ 24504501997 24519112001 English Web-based system that generates adaptive hypertext explanations using a generic user modelling framework. Architecture based on a new recursive pipeline model.
IBMflight 24515452000 24515452000 English flight information IBM Flight Information System
ICG 24482581991 24482581991 English business letters composition of business letters
ICICLE 24500841996 24500841996 English teaching syntax teaches the syntax of written English to deaf people
ICONOCLAST 24504501997 24515452000 English layout and text
patient information leaflets
Combining layout and linguistic constraints
ICWF 24489891993 24508151998 English weather Interactive Computer Worded Forecast
IDAS 24486231992 24486231992 English documentation generation of on-line help documentation
IDP 24500841996 24500841996 English discourse planner
IDtension 24541022007 24541022007 English narrative System implementing many aspects of narrative theory in order to support interactive drama
IFPS 24405881970 24515452000 English weather Weather forecast report generator (template-based)
IGEN 24486231992 24511801999 English weather Weather forecasts
ILEX 24497191995 24508151998 English a system for generating labels for items in an electronic museum or retail catalogue
ILIAD 24446061981 24446061981 English teaching syntax CALL for transformational grammar
IMAGENE 24486231992 24486231992 English instructions instructions for operating telephones
IMP 24467971987 24467971987 English user modelling tailoring the content by taking the user into account
IPF 24478931990 24478931990 Dutch parallel-incremental sentence generation
IPG 24438751979 24438751979 Dutch simulation of human, incremental sentence production
IPaGe 24508151998 24511801999 German description Incremental Parallell Generator
ISOLDE 24511801999 24522762002 English instructions automatic generation of software instructions
ITEX 24486231992 24486231992 German medical A hybrid approach to text planning
InDiGen 24515452000 24519112001 English general Integrated generation from declarative grammar-semantics-goal specifications
Ishizaki 24453361983 24471621988 Japanese news generation of reports about terrorrist crimes
JAPE 24493541994 24500841996 English jokes JAPE (Joke Analysis and Production Engine) creates riddles using a rule-based system derived from humour theory.
JOYCE 24486231992 24486231992 English software generates texts about software components and their security on the basis of a specifications for secure, distributed software systems
KAFKA 24457011984 24457011984 English sentence generation from a semantic network
KALOS 24493541994 24493541994 English Knowledge-based generation with revision
KAMP 24453361983 24460671985 English modeling of the user's beliefs and goals
KDS 24446061981 24446061981 English generation of paragraphs
KING 24467971987 24467971987 English online help help system for UNIX
KISS-Lexicalizer 24497191995 24511801999 Dutch
DB and OO descriptions generation of natural language descriptions of OO-models
KNIGHT 24504501997 24504501997 English biology explains complex biological phenomena
KOMET 24482581991 24500841996 English
Multilingual generation with systemic functional grammar
KPML 24489891993 English
independent large-scale multilingual generation and development environment
Kalita,Shastri, Shende 24467971987 24475281989 English business reports natural language reports in an office environment
Klein 24420491974 24431451977 English stories An exact model of V. Propp's Morphology of the Folktale
Klein-coherence 24380311963 24380311963 English coherent discourse generation
Klein-mysteries 24416841973 24416841973 English murder mysteries program for generating murder mysteries on the basis of simulation data
Klein-para 24387621965 24387621965 English paraphrase Multiple paraphrases of the same input texts
Klein-stories 24387621965 24387621965 English stories story generator
Kleist 24482581991 24489891993 German
route descriptions multilingual generation of route descriptions
Kreyss 24493541994 24493541994 German content planning (PhD)
Kukich 24467971987 24467971987 English connectionist-based sentence generation
LEXSYS 24515452000 24526412003 English general A wide-coverage lexicalized grammar
LFG-f 24467971987 24467971987 German general Generation from LFG f-structures
LFS 24486231992 24486231992 English
labor market generates summaries of statistical data in the domain of labour market
LGM 24504501997 24515452000 Dutch
spoken dialogue The generation module of D2S
LILOG 24482581991 24482581991 German
large-scale NLP system with a generation component
LKB 24500841996 independent General workbench for typed feature grammar formalisms, including a tactical generation component
LKP 24478931990 24489891993 German independent the Linguistic Kernel Processor (LKP) offers parsing and generating in TUG
Lolita 24493541994 24493541994 English independent general NLP including generation
M-PIRO 24519112001 24526412003 English
museums Development of technology for allowing museums to generate automatically textual or spoken descriptions of exhibits for collections across the Web or in virtual reality environments.
MAGIC 24500841996 24504501997 English medical Multimedia Abstract Generation for Intensive Care data
MARWORDS 24471621988 24471621988 English weather Marine weather forecast report generator (another precursor to FoG).
MDA 24522762002 English
patient information leaflets Multilingual Document Authoring system
MIGRAINE 24486231992 24486231992 English medical health explanations
MIKE 24508151998 24508151998 English
soccer automatic soccer commentary system
MINSTREL 24457011984 24489891993 English story generation A story generator
MLWFA 24508151998 24508151998 Chinese weather multilingual weather forecast generation
MNLG 24526412003 24526412003 English animated interfaces NMLG: Multimodal Natural Language Generation module
MOOSE 24500841996 24500841996 English
manuals multilingual paraphrases from a KL-ONE-representation; domain: technical manuals, emphasis on lexicalization
MTS 24497191995 24508151998 English spoken dialogue A message-to-speech system for traffic message control systems
MUG 24526412003 independent general Multimodal functional unification generation
MUMBLE 24424141975 24478931990 English independent surface generator (MUMBLE-86 being portable)
Marciniak 24526412003 24530062004 English route descriptions Generator for route descriptions
Melero, Font-Llitjos 24515452000 Spanish Part of Microsoft's NLP effort
Mellish, Evans 24467971987 24467971987 English text generation from plans
Memmi 24438751979 24438751979 French phrase generation (PhD)
Meunier 24504501997 24504501997 French TAG-based generation (PhD)
Mind 24522762002 24562942013 English software tutorial Concept-based generation system comprising a miniature Mind
Mind.Forth 24508151998 24562942013 English Verbal output of a general artificial intelligence.
Ml-CINESPEAK 24508151998 24515452000 English
learning employs both natural language and generated 3D-graphical visualisations and animations
ModelExplainer 24504501997 24504501997 English software produces textual descriptions of object-oriented software models
Moghrabi 24442401980 24442401980 French recipes generation of cooking recipes
Mooney 24482581991 24489891993 English explanation macro structure of explanation texts
MulTex 24489891993 24497191995 English
news multilingual generation of news reports
Multimeteo 24508151998 24511801999 English
weather in-use (interactive and automatic) generation of weather forecasts
NAOS 24460671985 24467971987 German scene description generation of coherent scene descriptions
NAUDA 24486231992 24486231992 German sentence generation in the context of database interfaces
NL-Soar 24493541994 24493541994 English generation within the general AI system SOAR
NLG-DB 24497191995 24508151998 English Generation of NL descriptions from information maintained in a conceptual database modelling language
NUGGET 24471621988 24478931990 German text generation from a linguistic basis
Namer 24478931990 24478931990 French
music generation of summaries of Verdi's operas
NaturalOWL 24537372006 24544672008 English
Description of concepts defined in OWL ontologies
Nitrogen 24497191995 24497191995 English Statistical generation from interlinguas using a lattice intermediate representation and bigram statistical model
OLA 24530062004 24533722005 English English Question/Answer (Q&A) system, template-based and not very sophisticated, but the open source NLG system can be used in many practical and online cases.
OPADE 24482581991 24511801999 English medical a 'watch-dog' decision support system for medical care containing a generation component for instructional texts
OSCAR 24435101978 24446061981 English speech act planning and planning of the message (no linguistic output)
OVIS 24500841996 24515452000 Dutch spoken dialogue A dialogue system for providing information about public transportation (OVIS: Openbar Vervoer Informatie System)
OWL 24431451977 24431451977 English online help Generates explanations of how program produced advice by translating code to English
Oh, Rudnicky 24515452000 24515452000 English English Corpus-based stochastic generation for spoken dialog systems
Ontogeneration 24504501997 24511801999 Spanish ontology generation of database and ontology definition descriptions
Oxygen 24511801999 24522762002 independent A language independent Linearization Engine
P.rex 24515452000 English proofs an interactive, user-adaptive proof explanation system
PARDA 24467971987 24467971987 French arguments generation of arguments
PAROLE 24500841996 24500841996 German spatial descriptions generates addressee-oriented spatial descriptions
PAUL 24453361983 24453361983 English generation of coherent texts
PAULINE 24464321986 24471621988 English pragmatically motivated text planning
PCRU 24537372006 24548332009 English weather Probabilistic Generation of Weather Reports
PEA 24475281989 24493541994 English tutoring generates a system's dialogue contributions teaching a student about a programming language
PENMAN 24446061981 24486231992 English Portable systemic generator for domain-independent large-scale text generation
PERFECTION 24504501997 24504501997 German Performing Self-Corrections During Incremental Generation of Natural Language
PERSONAGE 24533722005 24544672008 English Affect Personage is a full natural language generator that can convey various personality traits.
PHRED 24460671985 24460671985 English multilingual generator
PIGLIT 24489891993 24508151998 English medical personalized hypertext explanations of on-line patient medical records
PIT 24478931990 24478931990 German text planning
PLANDOC 24493541994 24493541994 English telecom summary generation reporting changes in a telephone network
PLANES 24424141975 24435101978 English database access and retrieval
PLNLP 24478931990 24489891993 English independent general NLP including generation
POPEL-HOW 24475281989 24475281989 German incremental sentence generation
POPEL-WHAT 24467971987 24482581991 German incremental sentence generation
PPP 24489891993 24500841996 English
instructions creates an animated character which explains to a user how to perform various tasks, using a mixture of text, speech and graphics
PPP-case 24482581991 24493541994 English CASE models An explanation generation facility for knowledge validation in computer-aided software engineering
PRACMA 24493541994 24493541994 German dialogue system with user modelling
PREPLAN 24497191995 24497191995 German plan-based multimedia generation
PRETEXTE 24497191995 24497191995 French generation of temporal expressions
PROSENET 24471621988 24471621988 English
PROTECTOR 24497191995 24511801999 English flexible generation of sentences from conceptual graphs
PROTEUS 24435101978 24435101978 English game commentary generation of comments when playing TIC-TAC-TOE
PROVERB 24500841996 24515452000 English formal proofs natural language presention of machine-found proofs
Paiva-style 24530062004 24530062004 English medical Stylistic control for generation
Parry 24424141975 24424141975 English psychiatry simulation of paranoid processes
Patent Claim Expert 24497191995 24508151998 English patents generates patent claims
Peba-II 24500841996 24500841996 English animal comparisons produces web pages that describe or compare animals, with embedded hypertext links
Pen&Pad Reporter 24493541994 24493541994 English medical Describes a NLG scheme for use with the Pen&Pad patient care workstation system
Picard 24500841996 24500841996 English sentence generation
PlayMoBild 24493541994 24493541994 German
bidirectional linguistic deduction, parsing and generation of single sentences
Polibox 24526412003 English
Hypertext generator
Polly 24541022007 24544672008 English ESL POliteness in Language Learning
Polygloss 24478931990 24486231992 English
independent typed-unification-based generation
PostGraphe 24500841996 24500841996 French combined text and graphics generation
Power 24508151998 24508151998 English museums another virtual museum system dynamically generating descriptions of museum objects
Presentor 24508151998 24508151998 English A Framework for Customizable Generation of Hypertext Presentations
ProfGlot 24478931990 24500841996 English
sentence generation with Functional Grammar
Project Reporter 24504501997 24511801999 English Commercial generates dynamic web-based project status reports
Promethius 24467971987 24467971987 English sentence generation
QUALM 24431451977 24435101978 English goal sensitive elaboration of a response (the depth depending on the nature of the question)
RAGS 24504501997 24511801999 independent aims to develop a generic architecture for applied NLG systems
RAREAS 24464321986 24464321986 French
weather generation of weather forecast reports (a precursor to FoG)
RENDEZVOUS 24427791976 24431451977 English DB database query formulation system
RICHES 24511801999 24515452000 English instructions Instructional texts for patients
ROIS 24500841996 24504501997 Dutch medical Medical domain generation
ROMPER 24460671985 24464321986 English correction and anticipation of wrong inferences
RTPI 24508151998 24508151998 English medical integration and aggregation of RST-style trees for generating medical critiques
Ratnaparkhi 24519112001 24519112001 English air travel Air travel reservation dialogue system
RealPro 24504501997 24504501997 English independent a syntactic realisation system based on meaning-text theory
RoadSafe 24537372006 24548332009 English geodata Automatically Generating Advisory Text for Road Maintenance Vehicle Routing
SAGE 24489891993 24497191995 English explanation multimodal explanations
SCHOLAR 24416841973 24416841973 English teaching geography natural language interface for teaching geography
SEEC 24522762002 24530062004 English text structuring System for Evaluating Entity Coherence
SEGUE 24530062004 24530062004 English general Hybrid case-based surface generation
SEMSYN 24464321986 24467971987 German labor market summaries about the labor market
SHRDLU 24413181972 24413181972 English spatial relationships description of a microworld (cubes, blocks)
SIC! 24486231992 24486231992 English integrated multimodal interaction to information systems
SLANG 24457011984 24464321986 English use of systemic grammars for NLG
SOCCER 24467971987 24475281989 German soccer generation of soccer reports
SOLE 24504501997 24511801999 English the project aims to develop and evaluate a rhetorically-oriented interface between a natural language generation system and a speech synthesis system.
SPEAK! 24497191995 24500841996 German metadialog spoken language generation for supporting database access
SPIN 24497191995 24497191995 French instructions planning of instructional texts
SPIRIT 24464321986 24464321986 English determination of the adequacy of information
SPOKESMAN 24478931990 24486231992 English producing texts by revising
SPUD 24504501997 English sentence planning using descriptions
STAGE 24530062004 24530062004 English general Generating using an Assumption-Based Truth Maintenance System (ATMS)
STOP 24504501997 24519112001 English medical
smoking cessation
Generates personalized smoking-cessation letters
STREAK 24489891993 24500841996 English baseball revision-based generation of summaries of baseball games
SUNDIAL 24478931990 24486231992 English spoken dialogue spoken language dialogue system
SUREGEN-2 24522762002 German medical Medical document generation
SURGE 24493541994 24508151998 English independent the English grammar used with FUF
SUTRA 24464321986 24471621988 German reservations surface generator of HAM-ANS dialog system
SWIM 24475281989 24482581991 French teaching French CALL system for learning to speak French
SYLAE 24482581991 24482581991 French sentence generation from conceptual graphs
Salix 24482581991 24482581991 English house layouts generates extended texts in domains including house layouts and family relations.
Scribe 24482581991 24515452000 French
weather Weather forecast report generator (template-based).
Script generator of Verbmobil 24504501997 24515452000 English
summary Generation of summaries and minutes for spoken multilingual negotiation dialogues
SeReal 24497191995 24497191995 German
SemScribe 24551982010 24555632011 Medical (cardiology) SemScribe is an implemented natural language generation system that produces parts of clinical reports, in particular descriptions of cardiological findings.
SemTex 24467971987 24467971987 German news Automated newsagency
SenGarden 24522762002 24522762002 French paraphrase A generator of paraphrases based on Igor Mel'cuk's Meaning-Text Theory
Shapiro 24424141975 24449711982 English generation from semantic networks
Simmons, Slocum 24413181972 24413181972 English sentence generation by using an ATN
Simonin 24460671985 24467971987 French economics optimization, i.e. restructuring of plans in order to describe the economic situation of different countries
SimpleNLG 24541022007 24555632011 English general A simple Java-based generation framework
Siren 24511801999 24511801999 English
weather Marine weather forecast report generator
SkillSum 24526412003 24533722005 English Personalised basic skills summary reports Planning content, structure, discourse-level and lexical choices for people with poor literacy and numeracy
SmartKom 24515452000 24537372006 German A project to develop a multimodal, multimedia, self-explanatory, user-adaptive interface for the dialogic interaction of humans and technology.
Spyropoulos,Karkaletsis 24497191995 24511801999 Greek online help automatic generation of software messages
StockReporter 24511801999 24511801999 English stock market produces descriptions of stock market data
StoryBook 24493541994 24519112001 English
little red-riding hood Multi-page narratives in the Little Red Riding Hood domain
SumTime 24519112001 English weather
gas turbines
English summary descriptions of time-series data sets
SumTime-Mousam 24533722005 English weather Weather Forecast System
SumTime-Neonate 24533722005 24541022007 English medicine Medical Care Reports
SumTime-Turbine 24533722005 24533722005 English industrial System for generating textual summaries of sensor data from a gas turbine
Summum 24511801999 24515452000 English abstracting Generates indicative and informative abstracts in English
Suspenser 24533722005 24537372006 English narrative A framework for narrative generation
Susy 24453361983 24453361983 English
MT system with some attention to generation
Synphonics 24489891993 24500841996 German spoken dialogue Spoken dialogue contribution generation
TAG-GEN 24478931990 24489891993 German
syntactic generator exploiting an incremental and parallel processing scheme
TAILOR 24460671985 24471621988 English user modelling tailoring the text to the user's knowledge
TALE-SPIN 24431451977 24431451977 English stories planning and generation of fables
TBTA 24489891993 24544672008 English
translation The Bible Translator's Assistant
TECHDOC 24486231992 24486231992 German instructions multilingual instructions for automobile maintenance
TELEGRAM 24442401980 24449711982 English planning for generation
TELOS 24482581991 24482581991 German temporal connectives temporal connective generation
TEMPLOG 24489891993 24489891993 German temporal connectives temporal connective generation
TEMSIS 24504501997 24508151998 German
environment provides environmental information
TENDUM 24467971987 24467971987 English generating with pragmatic information
TEXNET 24471621988 24471621988 English medical generation of clinical summaries
TEXT 24442401980 24460671985 English use of schemata for determining content & text structure
TG/2 24508151998 independent independent shallow generation component using generalized templates
THINKER 24489891993 24489891993 English formal proofs explanation of natural deduction proofs
TIGGER 24511801999 24511801999 English medical Time-based Explanation Generation includes an explicit psychological model of patients' information needs.
TOPCAT 24519112001 24522762002 English whisky Produces descriptions of malt whiskies
TREE 24504501997 24504501997 English
job adverts multilingual generation of job advertisements
TREND 24508151998 24508151998 English time-series Time-series description
Tait 24460671985 24460671985 English An English Generator for a Case-Labelled Dependency Representation
TextPro 24508151998 24511801999 German
ThoughtTreasure 24493541994 24515452000 English
Generates any ThoughtTreasure assertion for which appropriate lexical entries are defined
Tiddler 24511801999 English tourism Personalized travel guides
TraumGen 24500841996 24511801999 English medical Communication of information in clinical environments and for medical support systems
UNL 24500841996 German An international cooperation to provide information on the internet in the languages of the members of the United Nations
Unitran 24486231992 24500841996 English
MT system with some attention to generation
VIE-DU 24482581991 24482581991 German dialogue generation
VIE-GEN 24457011984 24471621988 German sentence generation from a semantic network
VINCI 24464321986 English
CALL VINCI is a natural language generation environment used since 1986 for language learning and testing, subject testing, and modelling of diverse linguistic phenomena ranging from word-formation, to narrative structure, to generation of verbal humour.
VINST 24497191995 24497191995 English database retrieval result aggregation
VITRA 24475281989 24511801999 German Generation of dynamically changing scene descriptions
VM-GECO 24489891993 24500841996 English VerbMobil Generation Components (I)
VM-GECO-II 24504501997 24515452000 German
appointments VerbMobil Generation Components (II)
VM-GEN 24497191995 24497191995 German German surface generator for the Verbmobil project; incremental
VOLVEX 24500841996 24511801999 English formal specifications Validation Of Specifications by Natural Language Generation for VOLVO expressed in STEP/EXPRESS
Verbmobil-dialog 24497191995 24508151998 German dialogue management within the Verbmobil translation system
ViewGen 24515452000 English hypertext ViewGen (Viewpoint Generation) is an approach to dialogue understanding and belief modelling being implemented in a suite of programs. It includes natural language generation for hypertext as part of this overall project.
WAG 24478931990 24493541994 English independent a system for developing and using systemic grammars for generation and analysis
WEBCOOP 24530062004 24530062004 English
transportation Logic-based model for question answering
WEIVER 24486231992 24486231992 Japanese revision-based architecture
WIP 24489891993 24489891993 German instructions multimodal generation, instructions for technical products
WISBER 24471621988 24489891993 German
WISHFUL 24482581991 24482581991 English teaching algebra content planning for teaching algebra
WISHFUL-II 24497191995 24497191995 English explanation explanation generation
WYSIWYM 24508151998 English knowledge editing What you see is what you meant': knowledge-editing with natural language generation
Wagner-med 24493541994 24511801999 English
medical Medical domain generation
Wanner 24489891993 24504501997 German lexical resources for generation (PhD)
Weathra 24486231992 24486231992 Swedish
weather Weather forecast report generator
Wilcock 24489891993 24489891993 English interactive MT generation of complex English modal and auxiliary verb groups are presented in Japanese to a Japanese user
Wong 24424141975 24424141975 English sentence generation from a semantic network
Wotan 24555632011 24562942013 German artifical intelligence German artificial mind thinks with concepts
XEplainer 24519112001 24519112001 Korean homeshopping Generation from a database for homeshopping sites
XIG 24504501997 24511801999 Italian tourist info generates sentences from an interlingua content representation in the application area of tourist information.
XPLAIN 24446061981 24446061981 English
XTRA 24464321986 24478931990 German Natural-Language Access System to Expert Systems incorporating generation functionalities
XtraGen 24522762002 independent Template-based generation with XML and Java interfaces
YAG 24511801999 24515452000 English YAG is a real-time, general-purpose, template-based generation system
YH 24471621988 24471621988 English simulation simulation of conscious processes of writing
Yang 24486231992 24508151998 Chinese systemic-functional oriented tactical generation of Chinese
Yngve 24373011961 24373011961 English random generation with a generative grammar
ZORA 24475281989 24475281989 German
Zardoz 24493541994 24493541994 Sign an English to Sign-Language Translation System
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