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[edit] Summary


XtraGen is a recently developed commercial software system for the flexible, real-time generation of natural language via sophisticated templates that can be easily integrated into real-world, industrial application environments through its open XML- and Java-based implementation and interfaces. A new library also allows to incorporate XtraGen in Java Server Pages directly with simple tags and no additional programming code. The actual generation kernel is founded in the fundamental ideas employed by TG/2 and other advanced template-based systems but incorporates a completely new and independent object-oriented design and implementation.


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  2. Stenzhorn, H. ((2002). XtraGen — A Natural Language Generation System Using XML- and Java-Technologies.). Unpublished Master's Dissertation, University of the Saarland, Saarbrücken, Germany. Bib
Facts about XtraGenRDF feed
DescriptionTemplate-based generation with XML and Java interfaces  +
ForerunnerTG/2  +
FrameworkTemplate  +
Languageindependent  +
NameXtraGen  +
Started2002  +
URLhttp://www.dfki.de/~holger/xtragen.html  +
WorkerStenzhorn  +
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