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Semi-automatic generation of on-line help for GUIs, with authoring interface for human-written 'snippets'. Additional information at:


  1. Caldwell, D. E., & White, M. (1997). CogentHelp: a tool for authoring dynamically generated help for Java GUIs. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 15th. Annual International Conference on Computer Documentation (SIGDOC '97), Salt Lake City, UT. Bib
  2. White, M., & Caldwell, D. (1997). CogentHelp: NLG Meets SE in a Tool for Authoring Dynamically Generated On-Line Help. Paper presented at Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing, Washington, DC. Bib
  3. White, M., & Caldwell, T. (1998). EXEMPLARS: A practical, extensible framework for dynamic text generation. Paper presented at 9th INLG, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Bib
Facts about CogentHelpRDF feed
Descriptionon-line help for GUIs  +
Domainonline help  +
Ended1998  +
LanguageEnglish  +
NameCogentHelp  +
Started1997  +
URL  +
WorkerWhite  +, and Caldwell  +
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