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[edit] Summary

  • System Name: HAM-ANS
  • Short Description: (HAMburg Application-oriented Natural-language System)
  • System Builders: Wahlster et al.[1][2][3][4]
  • Development Period: 1978–1983
  • Languages: German


(HAMburg Application-oriented Natural-language System) An interactive system where the determination of the adequate level of a response in dialogue interactions played a central role.


  1. Wahlster, W., Marburger, H., Jameson, A., & Busemann, S. (1983). Overanswering Yes-No Questions: Extended Responses in a NL Interface to a Vision System. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 8th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI'83), Karlsruhe. Bib
  2. Wahlster, A., Jameson, W., & Hoeppner, W. (1978). Glancing, Referring, and Explaining in the Dialogue System HAM-RPM. American Journal of Computational Linguistics. Bib
  3. Hoeppener, W., Christaller, T., Marburger, H., Morik, K., Nebel, B., O'Leary, M., & Wahlster, W. (1983). Beyond domain-independence: experience with the development of a German natural language access system to highly diverse background systems. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 8th. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Karlsruhe, Germany. Bib
  4. Hoeppner, W., Morik, K., & Marburger, H. (1984). Talking it Over: The Natural Dialog System HAM-ANS (No. ANS-26). Research Unit for Information Science and Artificial Intelligence, University of Hamburg. Bib
Facts about HAM-ANSRDF feed
Description(HAMburg Application-oriented Natural-language System)  +
Ended1983  +
LanguageGerman  +
NameHAM-ANS  +
Started1978  +
WorkerWahlster  +
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