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hotel manager


  1. Jameson, A., Hoeppner, W., & Wahlster, W. 1980. The Natural Language System Ham-Rpm as a Hotel Manager: some Representation Prerequesites. Bib
  2. von Hahn, W., Hoeppner, W., Jameson, A., & Wahlster, W. 1980. The Anatomy of the Natural Language Dialogue System HAM-RPM. Bib
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Facts about HAM-RPMRDF feed
Descriptionhotel manager  +
Domainreservations  +
Ended1980  +
LanguageGerman  +
NameHAM-RPM  +
Started1980  +
WorkerJameson  +, Hoeppner  +, Von Hahn  +, and Wahlster  +
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