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[edit] Summary

  • System Name: HERMES
  • Short Description: processing of quantifier scoping
  • System Builders: Gailly[1][2][3]
  • Development Period: 1988–1990
  • Languages: French


processing of quantifier scoping


  1. Gailly, P., & Ribbens, D. (1988). HERMES: a Written French Generator Focussing on Quantifier Scope Expression. Paper presented at ICSC, Hongkong. Bib
  2. Gailly, P. ((1989). HERMES: un générateur du français.). Unpublished PhD Thesis. Bib
  3. Gailly, P. (1988). Expressing Quantifier Scope in French Generation. Paper presented at COLING-88. Bib
Facts about HERMESRDF feed
Descriptionprocessing of quantifier scoping  +
Ended1990  +
LanguageFrench  +
Started1988  +
WorkerGailly  +
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