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The HIPS project aims at developing new interaction paradigms for navigating physical spaces. The objective of the project is to enrich the "user experience" of a city by overlapping a further dimension with the physical space: contextual and personalised information on the human environment. The project was originally designed to include NLG elements.


  1. Benelli, G., Bianchi, A., Marti, P., Not, E., & Sennati, D. (1999). HIPS: hyper-interaction within physical space. Paper presented at Proceedings of the IEEE international conference on multimedia computing, Florance, Italy. Bib
Facts about HIPSRDF feed
Descriptiondeveloping new interaction paradigms for navigating physical spaces  +
Domainspatial relationships  +
Ended2001  +
LanguageEnglish  +
NameHIPS  +
Started1998  +
URLhttp://marconi.ltt.dii.unisi.it/progetti/HIPS/  +
WorkerBenelli  +, Bianchi  +, Marti  +, Not  +, Sennati  +, Mellish  +, and O'Donnell  +
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