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  • System Name: ITEX
  • Short Description: A hybrid approach to text planning
  • System Builders: Kranzdorf, Grefahn[1]
  • Development Period: 1992–1992
  • Languages: German
  • Domain: medical
  • Theoretical framework: hybrid
  • Forerunner: LFG-f


A hybrid approach to text planning that investigates the flexible relationship between macrostructure and microstructure. Surface generation is done with an LFG-based generator.


  1. Kranzdorf, H., & Griefahn, U. (1992). Text Planning in ITEX: A Hybrid Approach. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 16th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (GWAI-92): Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Berlin, Germany. Bib
Facts about ITEXRDF feed
DescriptionA hybrid approach to text planning  +
Domainmedical  +
Ended1992  +
ForerunnerLFG-f  +
FrameworkHybrid  +
LanguageGerman  +
NameITEX  +
Started1992  +
WorkerKranzdorf  +, and Grefahn  +
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