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[edit] Summary

  • Short Description: generation of reports about terrorrist crimes
  • System Builders: Ishizaki[1][2]
  • Development Period: 1983–1988
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Domain: news


generation of reports about terrorrist crimes


  1. Ishizaki, S. (1983). Generation of Japanese Sentences from Conceptual Representation. Paper presented at IJCAI, Karlsruhe. Bib
  2. Ishizaki, S. 1988. Generating Japanese Text from Conceptual Representation. Bib
Facts about IshizakiRDF feed
Descriptiongeneration of reports about terrorrist crimes  +
Domainnews  +
Ended1988  +
LanguageJapanese  +
NameIshizaki  +
Started1983  +
WorkerIshizaki  +
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