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[edit] Summary

  • System Name: MIKE
  • Short Description: automatic soccer commentary system
  • System Builders: Tanaka-Ishii, Hasida, Noda[1]
  • Development Period: 1998–1998
  • Languages: English, French, Japanese
  • Domain: soccer


MIKE is an automatic commentary system that generates a commentary of a simulated soccer game in English, French and Japanese


  1. Tanaka-Ishii, K., Hasida, K., & Noda, I. (1998). Reactive Content Selection in the Generation of Real-time Soccer Commentary. Paper presented at Coling-ACL '98, Montréal. Bib
Facts about MIKERDF feed
Descriptionautomatic soccer commentary system  +
Domainsoccer  +
Ended1998  +
LanguageEnglish  +, French  +, and Japanese  +
NameMIKE  +
Started1998  +
WorkerTanaka-Ishii  +, Hasida  +, and Noda  +
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