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[edit] Summary

  • System Name: MUMBLE
  • Short Description: surface generator (MUMBLE-86 being portable)
  • System Builders: McDonald, Meteer[1][2]
  • Development Period: 1975–1990
  • Languages: English
  • Domain: independent
  • Successors: SPOKESMAN


surface generator (MUMBLE-86 being portable)


  1. McDonald, D. D. ((1980). Natural Language Production as a Process of Decision Making under Constraint.). Unpublished PhD Thesis. Bib
  2. Meteer, M. W., McDonald, D. D., Anderson, S. D., Forster, D., Gay, L. S., Huettner, A. K., & Sibun, P. (1987). MUMBLE-86: Design and Implementation (No. 87-87). COINS, University of Massachusetts. Bib
Facts about MUMBLERDF feed
Descriptionsurface generator (MUMBLE-86 being portable)  +
Domainindependent  +
Ended1990  +
LanguageEnglish  +
Started1975  +
WorkerMcDonald  +, and Meteer  +
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