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  • System Name: SWIM
  • Short Description: CALL system for learning to speak French
  • System Builders: Zock[1]
  • Development Period: 1989–1991
  • Languages: French
  • Domain: teaching French


CALL system for learning to speak French


  1. Zock, M., Laroui, A., & Francopoulo, G. (1989). SWIM: un système interactif de génération de phrases assistant l'apprentissage naturelle d'une langue. Paper presented at Journées de Cachan, 18-19 décembre. Bib
Facts about SWIMRDF feed
DescriptionCALL system for learning to speak French  +
Domainteaching French  +
Ended1991  +
LanguageFrench  +
NameSWIM  +
Started1989  +
WorkerZock  +
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