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[edit] Summary


A simple Java-based generation framework. SimpleNLG is a relatively simple Natural Language Generation realiser, with a Java API. It has less grammatical coverage than many other realisers, but it does not require in-depth knowledge of a syntactic theory to use. The core of the package is the realiser, lexicon, and features packages. Multilingual versions of simplenlg are under development.


  1. Reiter, E. (2007). An architecture for data-to-text systems. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 11th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation. Bib
  2. Gatt, A., & Reiter, E. (2009). SimpleNLG: A realisation engine for practical applications. Paper presented at ENLG-2009. Bib
Facts about SimpleNLGRDF feed
DescriptionA simple Java-based generation framework  +
Domaingeneral  +
Ended2011  +
LanguageEnglish  +
NameSimpleNLG  +
Started2007  +
URL  +
WorkerReiter  +
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