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[edit] Summary


The Bible Translator's Assistant is a multilingual natural language generator based on linguistic universals and typologies. This project is intended to generate rough drafts of the Bible and many community development articles in the world's 3000+ minority languages. Experiments indicate that these rough drafts quadruple the productivity of experienced mother tongue translators. (<a href=../images/tbta-allman2008.pdf>Cached unpublished paper</a>)


  1. Allman, T., & Beale, S. (2006). A Natural Language Generator for Minority Languages. Paper presented at Proceedings of the 5th SALTMIL 2006 workshop: Strategies for developing machine translation for minority languages, Genoa, Italy. Bib
Facts about TBTARDF feed
DescriptionThe Bible Translator's Assistant  +
Domaintranslation  +
Ended2008  +
FrameworkUG  +
LanguageEnglish  +, Korean  +, Jula  +, and Kewa  +
NameTBTA  +
Started1993  +
URLhttp://www.thebibletranslatorsassistant.com/  +
WorkerAllman  +, Beale  +, and Denton  +
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