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[edit] Summary

  • System Name: ThoughtTreasure generator
  • Short Description: Generates any ThoughtTreasure assertion for which appropriate lexical entries are defined
  • URL:
  • System Builders: Mueller[1]
  • Development Period: 1994–2000
  • Languages: English, French


Generates any ThoughtTreasure assertion for which appropriate lexical entries are defined. Under development since 1994, ThoughtTreasure is a comprehensive platform for natural language processing (English and French) and commonsense reasoning. ThoughtTreasure contains a database of 25,000 concepts organized into a hierarchy. For example, Evian is a type of flat-water, which is a type of drinking-water, which is a type of beverage, which is a type of food, and so on.

Each concept has one or more English and French approximate synonyms, for a total of 55,000 words and phrases. For example, associated with the food concept are the English words food and foodstuffs and the French words aliment and nourriture (and others). <p> ThoughtTreasure contains 50,000 assertions about concepts, such as: a green-pea is a seed-vegetable, a green-pea is green, a green-pea is part of a pod-of-peas, and a pod-of-peas is found in a typical grocery store. <p> ThoughtTreasure contains about 100 scripts, or computer-understandable descriptions of typical activities such as going to a restaurant or birthday party. <p> ThoughtTreasure contains 70,000 lines of C code implementing:

  • text agents for recognizing words, phrases, names, and phone numbers,
  • mechanisms for learning new words,
  • a syntactic parser,
  • a natural language generator,
  • a semantic parser for producing a surface-level understanding of a sentence,
  • an anaphoric parser for resolving pronouns,
  • planning agents for achieving goals on behalf of simulated actors, and
  • understanding agents for producing a more detailed understanding of a discourse.
<P>The ThoughtTreasure system was developed by Erik Mueller under the guide of the company Signiform. Signiform was founded in 1997; it shut down business in 2000.


  1. Mueller, E. T. (1998). Natural language processing with ThoughtTreasure. New York: Signiform. Bib

Facts about ThoughtTreasureRDF feed
DescriptionGenerates any ThoughtTreasure assertion for which appropriate lexical entries are defined  +
Ended2000  +
LanguageEnglish  +, and French  +
NameThoughtTreasure generator  +
Started1994  +
URL  +
WorkerMueller  +
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