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[edit] Summary


The UNL project is a large scale international cooperation with the goal to provide information on the internet in all national languages of the members of the United Nations. The United Nations University (UNU) in Tokyo which leads the project has developed a single representation language “Universal Networking Language” (UNL). Source language specific analysis components will automatically transfer texts into a UNL representation from which target language specific generation components can generate text in all languages. These generation components will be available as plug-ins for WWW-browsers. This approach reduces the enormous translation task to a one-time analysis into a UNL document and the subsequent utilization of a generator for the selected target language.

This is an orphaned system without any bibliographic references!

Facts about UNLRDF feed
DescriptionAn international cooperation to provide information on the internet in the languages of the members of the United Nations  +
LanguageGerman  +
NameUNL  +
Started1996  +
URLhttp://www.dfki.de/services/NLG/IUI-generation/unl-e.html  +
WorkerBecker  +, Poller  +, and Schütz  +
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