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[edit] David D. McDonald

I've been working in generation since I was Terry Winograd's research assistant and realized that SHRDLU's generator was ad-hoc. That was a very long time ago.

I created MUMBLE as my thesis as a full multilevel generator. With my group at UMass Amherst we stripped it down to just a TAG-based surface realizer: Mumble-86. That system is alive and well. Just ask and we'll send you a copy.

These days (2011) I'm collaborating with Charlie Greenbacker on generating from the output of a deep parser; see our paper in INGL 2010.

Currently I'm working for SIFT, which is a little AI company (20+ Lisp hackers!).

My permanent email address is

The permanent link to my web site is here. It's the best place to look for my publications.

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