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[edit] Summary


STEP Application Protocols (APs) are often very large and complicated general descriptions of different domains mainly within the manufacturing industry. STEP AP's are expressed in the EXPRESS language which is a static modeling language of Entity-Relationship type. Users of STEP AP have often large problems to understand the whole AP and therefore they need a tool which helps them to validate the STEP AP. The tool we are proposing is a natural language English paraphraser of the STEP AP. The VOLVEX system supports automatically building a domain lexicon from one STEP AP and with this lexicon automatically translate one arbitrary STEP AP EXPRESS file into a Prolog based format to be used by a Natural Language Generator called ASTROGEN. The translation from EXPRESS format to EXPRESS Prolog format and the construction of the domain lexicon is carried out by a set of Perl programs.


  1. Dalianis, H. (1999). The VOLVEX Handbook: A General Validation Tool by Natural Language Generation for the STEP/EXPRESS Standard Kista, Sweden: Bib
Facts about VOLVEXRDF feed
DescriptionValidation Of Specifications by Natural Language Generation for VOLVO expressed in STEP/EXPRESS  +
Domainformal specifications  +
Ended1999  +
ForerunnerASTROGEN  +
LanguageEnglish  +
Started1996  +
URLhttp://people.dsv.su.se/~hercules/papers/volvexhandbook.html  +
WorkerDalianis  +
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