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[edit] Summary


German-language artificial mind starts with essential innate vocabulary and learns new words as new concepts. Features include quasi-neural inhibition of recently activated concepts and automated reasoning with inference.

This is an orphaned system without any bibliographic references!

[edit] References

1. Murray, A. T. (2013). Artificial Intelligence in German. Seattle, WA: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Facts about WotanRDF feed
DescriptionGerman artificial mind thinks with concepts  +
Domainartifical intelligence  +
Ended2013  +
ForerunnerMind.Forth  +
FrameworkNeuroscience  +
LanguageGerman  +
NameWotan  +
Started2011  +
URLhttp://ai.neocities.org/DeKi.txt  +
WorkerArthur T. Murray  +
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